Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ambulatory Surgery?

It simply means, outpatient or same-day surgery.

What is an Advance Directive?

According to the Surgery Center Policy, we will not honor Advanced Directives/Living Wills in the Ambulatory Surgery Center. Procedures that are performed here are elective in nature. If you would like a copy of the Delaware Advanced Directive guideline, and a sample of an Advanced Directive, one will be provided to you. As is stated in the Center's "Conditions of Outpatient Admission", Advanced Directives are not honored as this is an outpatient survey center and all measures necessary for resuscitation will be executed at this Surgery Center.

For more information regarding this topic, please visit: - What are advance directives and living wills?

Identity Theft

To prevent Identity Theft, you will be asked to present a Photo I.D. (e.g., a valid driver's license) at the time of admission. The receptionist at the Center will photocopy the ID and is placed in your medical record.


Informed Decision

The patient or, as appropriate, the patient's representative, has the right to make informed decisions regarding the patient's care as stated in the Patient Bill of Rights.


Insurance Policy

Your health insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance carrier. Your coverage, the requirements for pre-authorization, precertification, deductibles and co-payments are all defined in your policy. Pre-authorization and pre-certification are due before the day of surgery. Co-payments and deductibles are due the day of surgery.

If you have any questions, please call our biller, Jake Mayan, at 302.266.9166 ext 641.


Financial Disclosure

You and your physician have decided to perform your procedure at the American Surgery Center in Wilmington, DE. You will be given information concerning the financial interest or ownership your surgeon has in the Center prior to the day of surgery as mandated by Medicare. This information will be provided to you at your physician's office or can be obtained from the Center.


What forms do I need to complete before my procedure?

You must complete the following forms in advance before the day of surgery: History and Physical, Health Survey and Medication Reconciliation. Failure to do so may result in delayed or postponed procedure. Read more »

Click here to view/download forms.


How to help your child through surgery

Children often take their cues from adults they trust. You can help your child feel safe and comfortable by demonstrating your own calm assurance. The surgery center staff will also help your child to feel at ease by showing and explaining the facility, answering questions and even playing with your child.

You will be able to stay with your child until he or she enters the operating room, and you will be reunited right after surgery in the recovery room. This is very comforting to the child and to most parents. Our policy is that all children, no matter what age, need the support of their parents. Children up to 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent on the day of surgery.

You may also want to do some of these things that have helped many other children.

  • Explain what to expect. Encourage questions and give brief, honest answers. Be sure to discuss the reason for surgery and how the child will benefit from it.

  • Bring a favorite blanket, toy, or book.


What procedures are provided for my child's care before and after surgery?

Children's surgery at American Surgery Center is always attended by a specialist in pediatric anesthesiology -someone who is familiar with the special anesthetic needs of children. We provide equipment specially designed for children and pediatric surgery. Your child will be attended every minute by a member of the nursing staff and will not be left alone, even for a second.






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